Recruitment is constantly evolving. Methods of finding candidates are becoming much more complex, while candidates are taking the initiative more and more to find and research employers that suits their lifestyle.
With these changing dynamics and increased competition, companies can no longer rely on the recruitment tools that served them well in the past.
As 2018 begins, we’ll look at how some recruiting tools are really coming into their own in the market. They are all geared at helping employers find the right talent in a short period of time, without the need to spend a lot of resources.

Recruiting Tools for 2018 – Apps

Recruitment has come a long way from job boards and ads in the local paper. It now appears that even searching for jobs on websites is going out of fashion.
Many recruiting sites now have an app available for most smartphones. This makes it much more quick and convenient for applicants to search and apply for roles. Some apps even have useful features like notifications if a suitable job is posted.

Recruiting Tools for 2018 – Video Interview

Now that Skype, Facetime and similar programs are available, it seems outdated to demand to meet all candidates in person. After all, taking a day off to travel for an interview may put off some talented candidates.
A video interview can easily solve this problem and is much quicker and more efficient. They can even conduct the video during their lunch hour, giving you access to a wider range of potential candidates.

Recruiting Tools for 2018 – Automated Online Selection

Usually, recruiters have had to deal with lengthy selection processes. This tended to involve mountains of paperwork to sift through and select candidates from.
The latest technology of automated online selection makes all the difference, ensuring only candidates who meet essential criteria are selected to proceed to the next stage.
This helps cut down on applicants which are not qualified or suitable for the role.

Recruiting Tools for 2018 – Applicant Tracking

Traditionally, applicants are very much left in the dark about the status of their application. They would send off their CV and wait for days (or weeks!) to hear from employers, if they replied at all.
This could be due to the employer dealing with a lot of applications at once. Yet, not responding at all, even if it’s just a brief email, can prove detrimental to an employer’s reputation and can have a negative effect on their corporate brand.
Using an automated online application solution, your applicants will be able to track the progress of their applications via a mobile app.
Embracing technology like these recruiting tools does not mean your recruitment needs to be impersonal. The fact that you will save time and money allows you to adopt a personalised approach to the candidates that appeal to you the most.
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