Hiring new people should be an exciting time. It’s a chance to add new skills to your team and bring fresh perspectives to your company. It’s also a sure sign that your company is thriving.
Yet, any hiring manager will tell you that the actual recruitment process is tedious and frustrating.
It takes hours to sift through all the standardised CVs to try and identify the right people to shortlist and then to arrange and conduct interviews.
After that all the processing admin that needs to be done at the end of a recruitment drive is waiting. But it doesn’t have to be so complex.
This New Year, make a resolution to simplify your hiring process, bring in better talent, save time and to start enjoying the recruitment process.

Simplify Your Recruitment – Sell the Role and the Company

Try and approach recruitment with marketing in mind and reflect this in your job descriptions.
A lot of job descriptions are needlessly complicated or leave out essential information. Try and focus on the features and benefits that come with working for your organisation.
Clearly state the exact skills and qualifications that the job requires, which will cut down on unsuitable applications.
Sell the role by outlining clearly what the job entails. Show candidates clearly what they can expect to be doing on a day-to-day basis in the role.
Make an effort to show candidates what’s in it for them. Nobody likes changing jobs and being the ‘new kid’. So emphasize the growth and development that the candidate will enjoy with your company.

Simplify Your Recruitment – Be Online and Go Mobile

When recruiting these days, you cannot afford to ignore the fact that candidates are increasingly viewing job ads and applying for roles via mobile devices.
95% of phone users today own a smartphone. The vast majority of them are used to doing anything that’s possible on a computer on their phones.
Try to meet applicants halfway on this. First, ensure that the careers page on your website is fully optimised for mobile devices.
Test your current system by trying to apply for a role using a phone yourself. Then make adjustments to make this process as easy as possible.
One of the most irritating things about job applications is having to fill in all of your personal information and work history details into a form, when all that information is already available on your CV!
If candidates are applying online, ask them to answer the most important questions about the role. You can easily gather the other information you need from their CV.

Simplify Your Recruitment – Use Smart Screening Tools

Once you’ve made the application process simpler for candidates, take the time to do the same for your company.
By introducing smart screening, you can cut down on the amount of data you need to sift through.
Smart Screening works by asking candidates specific questions to confirm essential skills and qualifications. This helps you quickly assess how suitable a candidate is, get to qualified applicants faster and ultimately reduce the time it takes for you to fill a position.
Introducing automated screening will ensure that your hiring managers can pay more attention to quality applications, raising the standard of interviewee and saving your staff a lot of time.

Simplify Your Recruitment – Try Video Interviews

Once you’ve found a decent candidate, don’t just send them an email or invite them to an interview a week down the line.
Get them to use their webcam or mobile to have a quick video interview. You will get a sense of whether the person is a good fit for the role quite quickly.
It is a method that often suits both parties, particularly when candidates are far away from your office, or find it difficult to take time out of the day to travel for an interview.

Simplify Your Recruitment – Build a Talent Pool

Even if candidates are not particularly suitable for the role they initially applied for, it is wise to keep track of their details for future opportunities.
This can save you a lot of time when advertising new roles. Before the process begins you already know of several people that may be the perfect fit.
It also helps to build a positive view of your company. It shows that you appreciate the time and effort put in by applicants.
By building a talent pool, you will see higher offer acceptance rates among candidates because of the relationships you have built with them.
Building trust with candidates can also help your company in many other ways, including lower salary costs and lower dropout rates.

Simplify Your Recruitment with Landed

If you’re planning to expand your company’s workforce in 2018, Landed can make the process much easier.
We can help you develop a stronger employer brand that is focused on creating an effective, long-term recruitment strategy with application forms that work on any and all devices.
We can also help with preparing your company for the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR comes into effect in May 2018. It will mean huge changes to the way that the personal data of EU residents is handled and processed.
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