The Age of Automation

We live in that futuristic age that people in the 1950s dreamed about. There may not be flying space cars quite yet, or nuclear-powered bikes, but you can talk to machines.
By sending a text you can tell your washing machine to start and stop, or set your hoover off to run around the house.
It’s like Beauty and the Beast, with little bleeping machines with happy little green lights whizzing around merrily to clean up your home. It would almost make you burst into song.

Automation can help streamline your hiring processesBut then you get to work….

And the machines there are grumpy and take a lot of prodding and pleading and bargaining just to get some simple tasks done.
You find yourself pouring precious time and money into just getting up to speed with how email campaigns, video interviews and the latest social media platforms work.
Then you have to juggle all of this stuff all the time, while trying to find the best talent for your role.

Landed Can Help

Whether you’re an SME or a larger company, Landed hiring software, makes hiring easy, cost-effective, and scalable.
Our Talent Acquistion Software can help you streamline recruiting and can also advance your employment branding, reporting and analytics.

Hiring automation not will save you time and effort, but it can level the playing field between your small company and the big players with swarms of staff.
Landed offers recruiters both an automated online marketing solution to enable you to promote your employer brand and your vacancies.
You can also create bespoke screening stages for each job you are advertising using our clever automated applicant tracking and screening solution.
Find out more about what hiring automation can do for your business on our Features page, or by getting in touch.